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Here are the thoughts and comments of some of our satisfied clients.


"We had been put off getting our affairs in order for years. We were personally referred to Rebecca by our Accountant. She came to see us at home and made us feel completely at ease and was understanding, professional and supportive throughout. We couldn't be more pleased that we instructed iform to help us, as it has been a big relief to know that everything is now in place and we can get on with our lives safe in the knowledge that we are now protected"


Steve & Jo  

"Like many people we know we had been putting this off for years as we weren't sure where to go, and the whole thing seemed overwhelming to us. Iform was recommended to us so we thought this a good place to start. Rebecca visited us at home and helped us to understand all of the options open to us. She helped us to create a plan and legacy for our family. Nothing was too much trouble, and she went above and beyond what we expected. We had nothing in place before but now we are delighted that we have made provision for ourselves, and our family now and for the future. Thanks again for all your help and support"


Barry & Shirley


“Thanks for all the help and support you’ve given to mum and dad. We dread to think what would have happened if you hadn’t help get them organised with the works and update to outdated wills”

​Minnie & Will


"When John died I didn't know where to go and felt overwhelmed with everything that faced me. Rebecca came to see me at home shortly after John died which was an emotional and difficult time. She looked after me so well and made me feel so relieved that someone was there to take the stress away. She helped me gather everything together that was needed which took a lot of time going through our documents and filing cabinets. She quoted a fixed fee upfront and explained the whole process to me so I knew exactly what to expect. She has continued to provide regular updates and support as we go through probate. She has also helped me get to grips with the finances all of which John had previously dealt. I feel a real weight has been lifted. Thank you again"



"Running a family business meant we were often too busy with the day to day stuff to think about the 'what ifs'.  Our Accountant recommended Rebecca who came to see us at our offices. She talked us through the risks in the business and went through a thorough assessment of our existing arrangements. She identified risks of not protecting each other in the event of death or incapacity and found holes in our existing Wills which didn't reflect our wishes if something happened to us.  We have now created a plan which has restructured what happens in certain situations. If one of us die or are incapacitated through an accident then each of the Directors are now protected meaning that our business could now run smoothly if something awful happened. Glad to say that we're no longer in the dark about what could have happened, and relieved that we've done something about it"

Mike & Steve

​“Thanks for the free review, most useful identified an issue with a executor and trustee which otherwise wouldn’t have been picked up”



"Having heard our good friend had passed away leaving behind his second wife and children from his previous marriage, his children from his first marriage had been disinherited. We were completely shocked that this had happened which had created untold heartache for the family.  Having both got children from previous marriages we were deeply concerned and wanted to see if this could apply to us. Rebecca looked over our Wills and what they said. We hadn't looked at them in years and found all sorts of things in there that were out of date! We also discussed how we owned our home, and savings and what we wanted to happen when we're gone. Nothing we had in place would achieve what we wanted. Rebecca's advice was unbiased, honest, and straight forward. We decided to make new Wills, create a Trust within our Will to protect each of our children and arrange a power of attorney to protect each other. We cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough. We knew exactly what to expect at each stage, and were kept informed at all times. She also quoted her fee up front and did everything she said she would do. We also loved receiving 'The Works' which has helped us document all our important information and keep on top of things"

Patricia & Brian



“So pleased to have finally arranged a power of attorney. Been meaning to do this for ages but didn’t know who to nominate. Rebecca came to see me and gave me the much needed focus to get this done. I’m happy to say that they whole thing was a very pleasant experience and Rebecca was great to deal with. I’d been to see Solicitors before but didn’t go ahead with them because of the costs. Rebecca’s service was great value for money, with 2 meeting included in my own home. Happy to recommend Rebecca”



“Our Accountant recommended Iform & Rebecca when we told her that my husband was terminally ill. We had nothing in place and were so worried about what would happen. Rebecca came out to see us immediately and we talked honestly and openly about our position and what we wanted. She guided us professionally and made recommendations which suited our needs exactly. She escalated things and was able to visit us in hospital on a weekend to get everything signed just days before George passed away. We are so grateful to all her help and warmth throughout this incredibly difficult time”




“Rebecca came to see us to help us put things in place for us and our children. We were worried about family fallouts and divisions which we’d seen with friends and wanted to avoid that with our lot. Rebecca took the time to understand our family structure and our thoughts and wishes. She helped us to create a plan for the short, medium and long term which we think is wonderful. It wasn’t morbid or depressing, and really helped us make the most of what we have. We wanted to create a legacy for our children and grandchildren, save on inheritance tax, and keep control of our affairs. We hated the idea that someone else could get involved and that our wishes would be undermined. We are delighted that now have a water tight plan in place and will be reviewing this to ensure that it continues to be right for us. We now make a point telling our friends and family about the risks that we all face but don’t know about. Congratulations on a great service. PS love ‘The Works’ and so do the kids”


James & Annie

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