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who needs a will?

Quite honestly we don’t make a will for ourselves. We make them for the important people in our lives that we leave behind. 

Essentially we all need a will:


  • Single

  • Married

  • Living together

  • About to marry

  • Have children

  • Home owner

  • Divorced

  • Business owner

  • Have debts

  • Recent/expected inheritance

  • Have other assets

  • Have pets

  • Want to pass on their wealth

  • Want to save tax

  • Had a family fallout

Why make a will?

If you don’t make a will, you could leave a terrible legacy for those you leave behind:

  • "Common Law" partners may not receive anything

  • Minor children could be taken into Care whilst Guardians are      appointed.

  • Your spouse/civil partner will not automatically inherit ALL of your Estate.

  • There could be lengthy delays for your Beneficiaries

  • Avoid family fallout's and disputes.

  • Guarantee who gets what and when

  • Dying without a will can be expensive for those left behind

  • Payment of more tax than maybe necessary, leaving less to pass on to your loved ones

  • Claims made by people you wouldn’t want to have any benefit

What happens if I don’t make a Will?

This is called dying Intestate. The rules of intestacy set out who will inherit and by how much if you do not leave a valid will.

This may not be what you would have wished and in the worst case scenarios where relatives cannot be traced, your assets will be taken by the Crown.

Peace of Mind

​Your will aims to provide a great and lasting legacy for the people you choose.

Making a Will enables you to plan exactly what will happen to your property (estate) when you’re not here to speak out.

This ensures that those you would like to benefit actually do so, in accordance with your wishes, whilst avoiding any possible and common disputes.

Your life, your wealth, your choice, your terms.

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