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A NEW AND EXCITING PRODUCT CREATED BY AN EXPERIENCED ESTATE PLANNER & FINANCIAL ADVISER.  This organiser is designed to keep your personal, professional and business affairs in order, saving time, money and hassle.   This extensive 56-page document records and catalogues all the major, key information for individuals, professionals, and business owners. This invaluable document will make a major difference to one or multiple people's lives GUARANTEED!  Nowadays lives are complicated; our personal/business finances, assets, liabilities, arrangements and obligations are ever growing. If something happens to you, could someone come on in and pick up the reins?  From paying your bills, mortgage, insurances, managing accounts, income, investments, online activity, regular subscriptions and fulfilling professional/business duties and responsibilities there is much to do and think about.   Without the necessary information to hand this job can be a complete nightmare, taking much longer and c
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