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A Closer Look at 'Traditional' Practice

My duty of care to each and every one of my clients is to ensure I provide the very best information at the right time and at the right price!

My sole aim is to provide the very best service that I can, and that includes continuing to review, research and grow using the latest innovation, legislation & information.

I decided to get up close and personal with an old school planning product namely the Flexible Life Interest Will Trust - Sounds pretty good, and it's been around for years, but I want to know if despite its widespread use and acceptance whether it stands up to the test of time, and the demands of modern life - Including the pandemic.

I should say that a real per hate of mine is lazy, uninspired and apathetic practice and a 'one size fits all' philosophy and universal sales practice! Sorry rant over......

Whilst my investigation has only just skimmed the surface, I can sadly reveal that my fears are confirmed!!! The do not cut it in todays terms.

I will leave this one here to be continued, resting firmly on the premise that as no one can see into the future, or have any certainty or future foresight the FLIT cannot protect beneficiaries. For example should any of the parties (at anytime during their life) get divorced, have bad debts, have an Inheritance Tax liability, or need care their inheritance is simply at risk!

I owe it to my clients to give them what they need & desire! So reviewing, refining & developing solutions to keep up with ever changing demands is vital!

That means out with any old school, out dated practice and in with robust and secure planning which really does what it claims to do, both now and in the future should life change.

To be continued......


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