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Blast from the Past

During our trip to Edinburgh I passed RBS where I couldn't help but stand and reminisce about my journey since I left the organisation in 2009 to become self-employed!

So much has happened in the ensuing 12 years, good, bad and plain ordinary, and everything in-between. I certainly have some battle scars to show for the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into my endeavour to be self-sufficient, and search for purpose and meaning, to make a little mark on this world.

As I think back to my 'job' at RBS as Private Banker I recall my Monday mornings, which I used to dread all weekend! In fact they probably ruined each Sunday evening as the night drew in and the time started to count down to the Monday morning meeting, which I was often responsible for running. 8.00 am, sat around the board room, staring into the eyes of my colleagues, all probably feeling as I did........ Figures, targets, strategy, and talk of how we may achieve our weekly objective to serve the bank and be who we needed to be!!!

Looking back it all felt so shallow, superficial and pointless in the grand scheme of life! Still we all did it, and we all shared it as a team. For that I am truly grateful as I learned so many lessons about strength, courage, tenacity and persistency as the financial crisis too hold. We all know how that ended, and I decided it was time to do something I truly believed in. Myself.....


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