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Dreams during COVID-19

Do your dreams seem 'weird' or more #real right now? Are you having nightmares or intense/vivid dreams? Here's why...

People are having stranger dreams, with odd characters & vivid combinations of the ordinary and the bizarre. These dreams often feel different—more striking, more charged with meaning, more vivid, more real—even if the circumstances of the dreams are fantastical. Is this #ptsd?

With high #anxiety, our dreams are negative & intense during this #pandemic. People are currently having more nightmares & negatively-focused dreams.

Dream recall has increased, which increases stress. People are remembering more of their dreams, experiencing what’s known as higher dream recall. That means more of us are taking upsetting dream and nightmare content into our #everyday #life, affecting mood, psychological balance, and another source of stress.

Dreams can influence our #decisions & therefore these decisions could be made out of #fear or 'knee-jerk' #reactions


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