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After a long 12 months I decided to take the opportunity to take advantage of the new found freedom and take a short visit to my beloved Scotland.

My goal the trip was as follows:

  1. Spend as much time outside as possible - Fresh air, walking, climbing and exploring

  2. Re-connect with myself - I am still me as well as a busy Estate Planner

  3. Sleep - Not done much of this over the last year

Overall the trip was a triumph, and even better than I'd hoped!

How did I do with my 3 goals though???

  1. Mission fully accomplished (except when it threw it down)

  2. In 3 nights, and 2.5 days this was maybe a little ambitious, and whilst I spent time doing things I loved, I feel that a city break, with lots of distractions meant that I didn't really do much soul searching or real alone time! This goal will certainly feature in my next trip.........

  3. Mission accomplished! Maybe the great beds, or the fresh Scottish air, but I slept like a baby, very rare indeed for me!

As a keen observer of others behaviour and human interaction it was very noticeable how weary generally negative people seemed (applies to home equally) with folks showing very obvious covid battel scars, still raw and in need of treatment and recovery. I selected a beautiful period guest house in South Edinburgh, and on booking spoke to the owner Ross who was very keen to express his frustration about the treatment of the hospitality sector during the pandemic, and that "I had made his day" by booking as they had only just re-opened. From one business owner to another I completely shared his anguish and felt real compassion and empathy for he and his family.

Long story short, our stay at 23 Mayfield Gardens was a real tonic, and from the moment we arrived it felt as if we had stepped into another (gloriously covid free) quite perfect world! Blossom on the trees, spring in the air, and the feel of real hope optimism charging through me as with an energy I hadn't felt in quite some time. I too had felt weary, unsure if it was the physical or mental toll of the last 12 months, but all too real none the less.

What with goals 1 and 3 checked off, I left this beautiful country longing for more time, yet keen to get back to clients, and my 'work mind me' which seems to be me more and more and my comfort zone these days.

Back, feeling less weary, but re-energised and with a little distance between me and Iform for a few days, able to see into the horizon more clearly.

Highly recommended Guest House Southside Edinburgh in which we stayed for 2 glorious nights. Owners Ross & Kathleen were amazing hosts, and made our trip so special!


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