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How much do we value our health?

I am writing this on day 4 of a terrible cold which has knocked me for six. Not only has it made me feel dreadful, it seems to have engulfed my whole body and mind, making me feel completely miserable. Every part of my body aches and I've been unable to think of little else other than sleep and self pity.

And this, just a simple cold! As someone who is rarely ill I am starting to consider how it would feel to have a serious illness, that doesn't just last for a few days, but months or even years. I am irritable, bad tempered and desperate to feel well again, and it's only day 4!

I spend much of my working life with elderly people who are suffering any amount of ailments and they seem to have this remarkable ability to put a brave face on, despite being in considerable pain and discomfort. Whether it be arthritis, hip/joint complaints, or chronic illnesses such as COPD, Parkinsons, Diabetes, heart disease and mobility issues, they just seem in the main to be able to carry on with little to no fuss.

My very brief bout of illness has made me ask the question; How much do we really value our own health?

Right now, I would give everything I own to feel well again, and I'm sure others must feel the same when they fall ill. But, probably like most of us I take my health for granted, and when well, I never give a second thought to how lucky, or grateful I am that I am living my life free of illness. As I am writing this I consider how quickly this could change, as I am not immortal or immune to the same illnesses that threaten the rest of society.

I have decided to hold this thought, and live an even healthier life than I have done thus far. Feeling so unwell has made me appreciate feeling well! That said, I will try not to take my health for granted anymore, and be mindful that it can change at any moment.

No amount of money can buy good health, as we have seen with some of the late, greats gone before their time. Good health is true wealth.


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