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I've Been Published

I'm delighted to have had the honour of having my article published by the British Psychological Society (BPS). I am inviting Psychologists to get involved and contribute their expertise to help ring the changes and reframe how we think about the furure and our legacy. Please click the link to read the article and I really welcome comments and thoughts about how we can take on the challenge to change.

My article seeks to reveal our readiness to plan ahead for death and incapacity, and insight into the reasons why we delay, avoid and procrastinate.

There is a big prize at stake here! Greater knowledge and insight could lead to greater engagement, contemplation of genuine legacy and even a happier more contented life!

It could also help to reform an industry steeped in bad and outdated practice, sales culture, bias and inconsistent knowledge and lacking in innovation.

I'm ready to bring about change.........


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