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Iform turns 5

18th April is a quiet celebration and a time to reflect This is me on day 1 and me today, on our 5th Anniversary. A half decade feels really poignant when I think back to the very start; a newly incorporated business, and just me full of hope to build something worthwhile.....

Like any business owner knows hard work goes goes without saying, but you soon learn it is more than just graft to get through the first few years and beyond. Looking back at photos, posts, campaigns, interviews, articles, and all number of ventures I've worked tirelessly on, I feel it is passion and drive to create a service of real purpose and difference that really gets you through.

Right from the start I wanted Iform to be about awareness and education, and absolutely not about product selling. 5 years on, this is very much still central to what we do. From regular talks (local groups and national private companies) to financial education online sessions to organisations such as the NHS and collaboration and partnership we have been very active, which I am so very proud of.

I have a keen interest and input in Psychology, as I believe understand how we think, and how and why the human condition often creates barriers to how we engage our willingness to plan ahead for our future is pivotal to create a more secure future for ourselves and our families.

Its no longer just me, but a great team of 6, all sharing the same ethos to provide great expertise and education to clients ahead of all else. We all have a different style of working, but with the same goal to deliver unbiased, factual advice to clients, with added care, compassion and a smile.

I also care deeply and remember those that have always believed in me, and have given unending support, which in the dark times, have been a lifeline. I feel blessed and thankful for all that have been with me on this incredible journey.

Here's to the next 5 years, I hope they are as action packed as the last.


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