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My BBC Interview: Power of Attorney

Brilliant to be interviewed by the BBC to raise awareness and highlight the importance of having a Power of Attorney. Part 1 of my interview attached. See part 2 for the questions posed to me live on air.

As an experienced Estate Planner I see all too often the devastating impact that a sudden accident or illness can have on a person, their family, friends or business.

Financial disruption, restricted or even no access to their own funds/bank accounts, delays and applications having to be made to the Court of Protection for a Deputy order are the sad but real complications people experience all too frequently. I want to change that.....

I am making it my mission to highlight these issues and raise awareness to help others avoid this unnecessary and stressful situation.

It was great to address some common misconceptions and untruths which are often barriers for people who feel it is not for them. I am determined to arm people with the facts so that they can make well informed choices that are right for them and their families and that can only be done by openly talking about this, and having adequate and unbiased information.

I am working on a number of projects to raise awareness of Power of Attorney and get more people, families and businesses legally protected.

Any suggestions on raising awareness would be highly appreciated.

Let's keep spreading the word......


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