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My latest published article

It's been a while since I've added to my blog, a result of being so busy seeing clients, speaking at events and working with my close network of local experts.

But here it is, my latest article published in Answers in Retirement (Air Group) about the complexities of modern families and essential role of Estate Planning.

Modern life is more complex and changeable than ever before. With this comes the need for more sophisticated and flexible planning strategies. Modern families, changing consumer habits, technology, economic & political uncertainty bring fresh challenges to all parts of our society.

Old fashioned, out of date, basic planning now simply won't cut it. It's time for the new generation of Estate Planners to come forward and meet the growing demand for legacy planning, generational wealth transfer and protection of our interests and assets.

I recognise these challenges and planning opportunities and pride myself on delivering a modern, fresh approach to Estate Planning based on exceptional service, client experience, specialist knowledge, love of the profession, and desire to be a leader in the field.

Each new day bring exciting new challenges, new clients, new introducers, fresh ideas and inspiration for events and desire to be the very best Estate Planner I can be. I can help but feel excited and ambitious about the future.


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