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My1st NHS Workshop

First day back from Scotland and straight into a new first for me: co-hosting a wellbeing workshop for NHS staff in Nottingham.

This was a great experience for me, and I really (genuinely) enjoyed it, despite my usual stage fright butterflies, which soon fluttered away after a few minutes of launching into my specialist subject.

Co-host Neil Howchin (Total Wealth Planning) was my usual online planning partner, and we dovetailed brilliantly. There were no technical hitches, just a slick and seamless transition from pensions into Estate Planning which made me feel very proud of myself and how far I've come (public speaking phobic).

I have changed my slides quite a bit, from the last NHS webinars to keep the content fresh, interesting, and very much current in light of legislation, and behavioural science insights.

It was very well received and the many encouraging comments of praise and thanks, felt so good it touched me and made me feel genuinely worthwhile and purposeful, and yes really contented.

As a naturally conscientious person I care 9alot) about what people think of me, and I'm often my worst critic. My nearest and dearest often accuse me of being too hard on myself, but I think they all accept it falls on deaf ears, as its this part of me that drives me and keeps me caring. I don't want to lose that side of me, and whilst balance and reflection is important I believe so too is the importance of growth and development as a person.

I am ever grateful to my team and the NHS for the opportunity to help and support staff and improve wellbeing by arming people with the facts and unbiased information to empower informed choice.


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