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Not My Usual Business Attire

Another 1st for me! Now that the restrictions have eased and it is possible to visit clients in care homes, I have been busy!

This really is me in full PPE at a local care home visiting a great client to help him with his Will.

It felt a real honour to see him, given that he has barely seen a soul other than care staff for 12 months, and he was so keen to chat, and we did, for a long time, about sport, food, politics and family. It was really brilliant, and I think we both enjoyed the freedom to chat and laugh. It is this sense of human connection that I am reminded of again that I love and which never fails to inspire me to be the very best I can be.

As the diary starts to fill up with more and more care home visits, I feel another level of pride and sense of purpose in what I do for many reasons but mainly on a human level with compassion, care and humanity at the core. I also had the privilege of doing my job seated, which was welcomed due to the high temperature of the room, and just talking made me really hot! This slight discomfort gave me a whole new level of respect for front line staff racing around for hours on end saving lives working both physically hard but under great emotional strain during the pandemic. I guess we may all be more tolerant, and understanding if we had a day to walk in others shoes. Certainly food for reflection..........


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