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Today is a great day.....

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Today I have created my blog and this is my very first post. This feels like a really special event because for the last 8 months I have worked tirelessly to get my business off the ground and faced every conceivable challenge along the way.

Today, with so many successes under my belt, and battle scars to boot I am here writing this, and it feels amazing.

I'm proud to announce some of my accomplishments to date as the proud owner of Iform:

· Welcomed my 49th client into the business

· Arranged 89 Lasting Powers of Attorney's to date

· Protected total estates valued at £39,685,987

· Asked to guest write for Answers in Retirement

· Accepted as a SOLLA Affiliate (Society of Later Life Advisers)

· Delivered talks and presentations at 27 events and groups in the local community

· Launched my 2019 Lasting Power of Attorney campaign to protect 2019 people

· Progress forming a group of local experts for later life advice

· Given the opportunity to meet & present at Churchill Retirement

· Received 17 glowing reviews endorsing my service

· Working on a new & exciting challenge for 2019 to parallel 3 peaks, and sky dive

And most importantly, I’m loving the journey and life right now

Exciting times ahead


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