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COVID-19 & Client 'Happiness'

Has COVID 'helped' Professional Advisers better serve their Clients? Are we making clients happier right now? IF YES, how can we measure their happiness in real terms? With 18 years’ experience advising clients I find myself genuinely reflecting on COVID's impact on my role of 'making things happen' for my treasured clients.

So, what makes a 'great' Adviser great AND how does their input ultimately impact on their client's lives? For example:

“I want to retire” or “I want to protect my children when I die” are 'objectives', we frequently hear, but what about the compelling, motivating factors underpinning them? What do these so-called objectives mean in #practice and #reality? Our professional ability to delve deeper and uncover more from the client could literally make a world of difference to their lived reality. This is what great Advisers do...

Key to success = Getting to the heart of what truly matters to our clients (simple or complex) and their genuine ‘intrinsic motivations’ then #makingithappen


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